Platinum Plywood

Strong and durable, Archer Platinum Plywood (100% Burmese Gurjan) is ideal for multiple applications. It duly meets the expectations of quality conscious architects, designers and interior contractors. Some of those quality parameters are as mentioned:


  • Plywood should be 100% calibrated. Equal thickness at all points. Uniform length & width of all sheets.
  • Plywood should be of high density with strong bonding.
  • Plywood must be treated against the termite and borer attack.
  • It must have better water resistance quality.
  • Plywood should be flat & should not bend or warp.
  • It must have high screw & nail holding capacity.


  • Strong bonding: Does not delaminate during its application.
  • No core gaps inside the plywood. Stays strong for years.
  • Face veneer does not chip even at the edges.
  • Even surface: Ply is calibrated to obtain quick and better lamination of mica or veneer.
  • Archer Ply has high nail holding capacity, even at the edges.
  • Archer Platinum comes with high load-bearing capacity, ideal for use to make all kinds of furniture.

Comparison between Archer Platinum and leading plywood brands:

Manufactured as per Bureau of Indian Standards Manufactured as per British Standards in Burma
Maximum face veneer thickness (rarely found) used is 0.5 mm Minimum face veneer thickness is 0.6 mm & maximum thickness is 1.2 mm
Logs are peeled in 4 ft peeling machine, so Core size is 2x4 ft & Panel size is maximum 2x8 ft Logs are peeled in 8 ft peeling machine, so Core & Panel size is 8x4 ft
Core & Panels are assembled & loaded in press manually, hence chance of dislocation can lead to core gap 8x4 ft Core and Panels are assembled & loaded in press through automatic core composer, hence plywood is 100% gap free
Machines manufactured & installed in India Machines installed, are manufactured in Europe
Most of the plywood manufactured in single-stage manufacturing process Manufactured with two-stage manufacturing process
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