Finger Jointed Solid Wood Panel

Archer Ruberwood Finger Jointed Solid Wood are made from treated rubber wood which are kiln dried, finger jointed, edge glued, cold pressed and sanded to make sheets of ready to use panels boards. The finger – jointing technique used for production of the high quality edge glued panels provides the same strength properties as any solid wood with the added benefit of dimensional stability. The result is a product that will stay straight even under the toughest climatic conditions. The product is very adaptable to sawing, engraving, moulding and staining like solid wood.

  • Durability: Rubber wood is durable, strong, tough and resilient. If well-cared for, it should last for 20 years or more.
  • Low maintenance: It is easy to take care of being more stain resistant than its natural counterpart.
  • Soft: Rubberwood is soft to touch, making it comfortable. This makes it ideal for bedrooms, living areas and playrooms.
  • Resistant to fire and burns: Rubber is burn-resistant, particularly if the heat source is a cigarette butt. Besides, it is non-toxic and won’t release toxic fumes into the air when there’s a fire.
  • Good shock absorber: Rubberwood is generally used in gyms for its shock absorbing capacity. It helps to provide good cushioning so that those working out do not injure themselves should they ever fall. It also decreases the risk of injuries while doing rigorous training. For seniors, it helps to have Rubberwood flooring since it decreases the stress felt on the joints and makes daily movement for them easier.
SIZE (Feet) 8 x 4    

Technical Specification

Test Prescribed
Observed Value
Color Pale cream to yellowish
Grain Mostly Straight
Density after drying 600 to 620Kg/m³
Relative density 0.63 to 0.99
Tensile Strength (Along the grains) 720Kg/cm²
Tensile Strength (Across the grains) 58Kg/cm²
Glue shear strength Above 420 N/mm²
Warpage 2mm in 1000mm length
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