Commercial Plywood

Divya’s Commercial Ply is one of-a-kind product best suited for today's lifestyle. It is available in MR (moisture resistant) and WWR (warm water resistant) grade’s, The MR grade plywood is used for interior wood working applications. The WWR grade plywood is used for interior and especially exterior woodworking applications where there is exposure to external weather conditions.

  • Conforms to IS:303 specifications
  • Unique bonding of strength, durability and stability
  • Manufactured using selected veneers from plantation timber under stringent quality control standards
  • Specific stress relieving process ensure the product ensures dimensional stability
  • Compressed under hydraulic hot process with controlled temperature, time and pressure to obtain unmatched bonding.
  • Superb shear strength and resistance to moisture
  • Internally bleached against heat and sound, free from day-to-day wear and tear
  • Bonded with E1 glue type 1 glue is used in outdoor applications, and it is phenolic formaldehyde glue.
  • Special preservative treatment insulates from borers, termites and other wood pests.
  • Diffusion treatment of logs with inorganic aqueous solution
  • Diffusion and/or vacuum process, as per segment for substance
  • Unique organic chemical combined with non-leachable stabilizers and preservatives
  • Immersion system for core panel veneers
  • Both Organic / Inorganic G.L.P. treatment for different categories of resin.
  • Total sterilization achieved prior to seasoning by pesticides in gaseous fumes
  • Extremely powerful pesticides in gaseous fumes incorporated
  • High F.V. process ensures quality products
  • Pre-conditioning treatment in hot phase
  • Optimum absorption and end stage sealing of material

End uses:

Archer Commercial Plywood is ideal for making wardrobes, cupboards, racks, partition, furniture, cabinets, etc...

Technical specifications

Screw holding strength to face

Specific Gravity 0.6-0.7
Bending strength Above 400 Kg
Nail holding strength normal to face Above 60 Kg
Fire resistance Quite high
Swelling in water Less than 1%
Sum of the tensile strength in both directions 600 Kg/cm
Moisture content 8.9% between 6.0% to 14%
Quality 100% full core
Grade AAA
Main material 100% hardwood (Eucalyptus)
Veneer Face Oakum
Thickness variation Calibrated ply
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