Birch Plywood

Archer birch plywood is unique because of its all-birch veneer core that's cross-banded and laminated with exterior grade glue, making for a superior stable sheet. It also has a thicker face veneer than traditional cabinet grade plywood.

Birch plywood major advantages

There are several advantageous properties in Birch panel products making them the quality solution for your project:

  • Favourable weight to strength ratio
  • High durability
  • Easy to machine and fix using standard machining and fastening methods
  • Lightweight – Easy to handle
  • Wide variety of different overlays and sizes available
  • Improved Anti-Slip properties for flooring applications with optional wire mesh- and raised surface patterns
  • Availability of tailor-made cut-to-size and machining services
  • High quality technical service
  • XL and King-size for larger components
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